IX Marie

Easily one of the most underrated Disney characters, she just oozes (for lack of a better word) grace and overall cuteness, I love that shes this little adorable bundle of joy yet so sassy and independent, it just goes to show that stereotypes are generally wrong and there is more to meet the eye in every person (or cat...). 

VIII Chanel Number Six

Meet Felicity Beatrice Rothchester, possibly the most disgustingly posh person you will ever have the dismal pleasure of encountering in your life, she is the first daughter of Lord Rothchester and Lady Rothchester of Oxford, of whom acquired their riches from their families before them…I cannot confirm that the family actually do anything but host lavish festivities and insincere charity events, for instance, Lady Rothchester once hosted a “save the animals” event as her husband set off to hunt a lion in east Africa, of course everyone attending knew and took a distasteful blind eye congratulating Lady R on her “marvellous efforts”. Felicity has acquired some of her mother’s duplicitous qualities, taking pride in her own “charity” events, some include:
  • Bourgeoisie for Hope and Change: An organisation for rich white people to help other rich white people out of financial debt they, themselves, have gotten into.
  •  ATL (Above The Law): An organisation raising awareness to the pressures the top 10% encounter when trying to run their monopoly businesses, like the “overly liberal” politicians who only think the poor should be protected…as if they can’t protect themselves.
  • Foxes for fun: A charity which raises awareness about the benefits and historical value of fox hunting (this event ironically corresponded with her mother’s save the animals event).  

And my personal favorite:
  • Hoes for Bros: An organisation Felicity herself made up, it’s to battle “slut shaming” by partnering the “hoes” in society up with a “bro” so they can “stop making a name for themselves”.  
As unbearable you may assume Felicity Beatrice Rothchester to be, society takes a generous look towards her phoney and aristocratic views, kind of like Trump. She has been applauded numerous times for her substantial efforts towards society, and calls herself a suffragette, even though she thinks a suffragette is a type of fire Pokemon.  

Despite Felicity’s snobbish behaviour her style is what she’s most well-known for, she has a renowned youtube channel in which she displays her “affordable fashion for everyone” in her £16,000 Chanel coat and £20,000 hand crafted by Marc Jacob himself shoes, she’s recognised specifically by her “eccentric” pink hair followed by her colourful wardrobe of which has said to be “ground breaking” although I personally  think it’s easier to be a trend setter when you have that much privilege.   

* I am in no way affiliated with the tv show Scream Queens, this is a character I have made up on my own (although I am a huge fan) the coat used is also faux (fake) fur. *

VII Rapunzel 

Rapunzel is a princess I have only just now gotten the chance to admire and love, Tangled is still a relatively new Disney films as Disney films go but regardless she has quickly become one of my favorites just as much as the classic Princesses! In fact, I would go as far as to say that behind Belle she is my favorite princess! I adore her fun free spirit, her love and positivity as well as her strength and individualism.

VI Alice 

Alice is one of my childhood favorites, I always related to her independent and imaginative personality and admired her stubbornness to not conform to boring society. When I was little I used to believe wonderland existed and would go on many mini adventures to find the door to wonderland of which my Nana told me was in her backyard! unfortunately I never found it, or did I? that's the wonder of Wonderland! 

V Diana Farley

For my first novel character post I wanted it to be a character I kind of idolized (within reason) I really love the Character Farley from the novel Red Queen because she is so independent and strong, the character spoke to me at a time when I personally wasn't feeling so self empowered and Farley kind of helped me to build by confidence by showing me that my thoughts and passions do matter, and that its self sacrificing sometimes but also so rewarding to fight for whats right. 

IV Tinkerbell

Personality wise, Tinkerbell is probably spot on for me, with my hot temper and passion for things I love people have always compared me to Tink especially. What I adore about Tinkerbell the most is that she's this really sassy independent woman character that's celebrated for being so, she has evident flaws yet that doesn't tarnish her character in any way! she tells girls that its okay to sometimes be selfish or angry, those are normal regular emotions and you're not wrong or bad for feeling those emotions, as long as you're also a decent person then you can always celebrate who you are and love yourself- flaws and all!

III Wendy
Out of all the Disney characters, I actually relate to Wendy the most! Her imagination and passion is boundless, I've forever had an overactive imagination and even now still kind of believe in all things magical. I loved her character because she was this sweet lovely obedient young women who rebels and seeks more from her life than the boring confinements of London society, however in the end she manages to cherish both adventure and normality, its a sweet story and I'll forever have a huge admiration for her character. She is a motherly figure but its not depicted as a "boring" quality as I usually see, its illustrated as a treasure of a quality that can be fun and also reasonable. I have always been slightly obsessed with Wendy's look (as a child) so I really didn't want to take much away, I wanted to keep her childish manner yet instill the elegance and sophistication of her character.